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Java.NET Add-In for Notepad++ UPDATE: The web site for Java.NET is no longer active. Java.NET is a set of powerful open source tools for working with Java and Java based applications. This package contains a plugin for Notepad++ written by Afraidist. This package is a Notepad++ plugin for Java programming. This plugin allows you to have syntax highlighting, automatic code completion, code folding, and debugging. Features Enables you to: You can download and use this plugin from here: Java.NET for Notepad++ update To update the plugin, simply download the new version of Java.NET for Notepad++ from the web site and unzip it. Follow the instructions in the readme file (e.g. if you are not sure what to do, just follow the "Run Notepad++.exe" instructions). This update was made on 08/07/2007 (I will do updates whenever I can find a free moment). BUGS: My best guess is that there are bugs in the syntax highlighting and debugging features. However, the syntax highlighting and code folding is still usable. WHAT'S NEW Bug fixes. IMPORTANT This plugin requires the Java runtime environment. You need to download it here: You should download the latest version. Please consider supporting the project on the donations page. It's enough for me to cover my own costs, since I spend an enormous amount of time on it. CHANGELOG 2008-03-30: Added the missing setDefaultProperties() method. 2007-11-05: Added support for Java 1.4.x (the old sun.jar doesn't work on 1.4). 2007-10-24: Added code folding. You can configure a folder to be folded. 2007-08-07: Fixed bug #53 (some variables were not properly updated when editing them). Fixed bug #51





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Reason 4 Keygen Serial Number 2022 [New]
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