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The Frassati House


Now accepting applicants for September, 2023


(484) 441-3699


$500 + Utilities


The Frassati House is an intentional young men’s living community, established in honor of Pier Giorgio Frassati and his courageous example of living out the Catholic faith.

It is a place where young men, active in the life of the church, can grow to better themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In the Frassati House, residents can explore and prepare for their vocations, grow in fraternal charity, experience a wholesome community and make efforts to prepare themselves for the next stages of their lives. It is also a place to build lifelong brotherhoods and have fun.


The Frassati house seeks to build up a future generation of fathers for the Catholic Church, both natural and spiritual, encouraging residents to strive toward perfection. Desired outcomes for residents include development in Christian virtue, growth in personal discipline, and becoming effective leaders in each individual’s life, family, parish or other respective communities.


The Frassati house envisions a lifelong community of future church fathers, both natural and spiritual, that live out Christian virtue at its finest while also seeking to inspire and foster that same virtue in all those around them.


Foster spiritual growth and maturity in young men through prayer, community events, quality time, self-discipline, responsibilities towards house and brother, exciting adventures, and holy leisure.

Core Values:

  • Treating your roommates like Christ.

  • Making a striving effort to grow spiritually.

  • Being open to reaching new heights in all aspects of your life.

  • Loving your brother and doing the next nice thing for him.

  • Respecting your brother, being intentional with him, and taking time to get to know him deeper.

  • Correcting each other when necessary and confronting issues as soon as possible.

  • Having a servant mindset.

  • Playing your part and doing things without being asked.

  • Being an active participant in group activities.

  • Looking for ways/ideas to constantly improve the house and better the community.

  • Respect for our neighbors and community.

  • Lightheartedness in the Lord.

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