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Love Incarnate

Praise God for every glorious morning in which he wakes his children up. Every morning is a chance to start new. May the Lord bless you as you read this, enjoy your morning coffee, and meet him in your body and on this place we call the Earth.

Lamentations 3:


The Lord’s acts of mercy are not exhausted,

his compassion is not spent;


They are renewed each morning—

great is your faithfulness!

Every morning spent with the Lord is spent in peace. We must seek to put Him in that first place and actually spend (like money) our time with him, or else what we do is in vain.

In life, our time is currency. How we spend that determines our future.

We may have Him at the forefront of our spirits. Our hearts may profess strongly the love of Christ, but unless our bodies follow, it remains just a movement of the heart, which ebbs and flows every which way. However, when we let it take tangibility in the body or in an action, it becomes an act of love, and can no longer be hidden.

Mark 4:


For there is nothing hidden except to be made visible; nothing is secret except to come to light.

Speak and do everything as though the whole world will hear it. Nothing done in secret or said behind closed doors won’t be revealed. Think of every blessing that would illuminate the world by praising with the lips or working mercy through the hands.

The Lord, in His mercy, knows we exist, and He deigned to lower himself to our level to show us that he exists. He gave us tangible evidence of His love - that is Jesus Christ in the incarnation.

In other words, God put his money where his mouth is, and he spent all of His currency to earn the biggest payout, which for him, is you and me. He followed through on the forces of His heart, and let his love become a reality - and being that it was a tangible action on earth, it was impossible to hide.

The purpose of the incarnation was to bring about in the flesh, the beauty which dwells in the spirit. Our actions must follow suit. God has walked the path of perfect love first on this Earth, in order to redeem us by his steps, open the path to life, and to teach us how to follow.

Imaginiamo - The Lord was the first to walk through a 10 foot high snow impasse. He dug a narrow tunnel, and made the sacrifice of bearing the cold to be the first one to walk through it. He left the path open for us to follow. All we have to do is set our footsteps in his and we will make it to where we belong. What is next? What are we supposed to do?

What objects of love, or movements of love exist in your heart today? What tangible steps must be taken to act on them or see them through?

Since our time is limited and quantified, it is better to spend what time we have working on completing acts of love rather than on selfishness. Even if the outcome may never happen, or potentially not happen for a long time, the spending of our fleshly time (making our love incarnate), will work to purify us in the flesh, leading back to a deeper purity of the heart and mind.

God will review how we spent our endowment, and if he sees that we did our best with what we have, he will reward us.

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