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The Mountain

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

There I was, standing at the base.

Everyone had always talked about it. I mean shoot, it's right there before our eyes every single day. The mountain is the backdrop to this city we call life.

We had heard about people climbing it before. We heard that even a few made it to the top, but we had never seen it happen with our own eyes.

I dreamed about this mountain at night. Ever since I was little, I knew I was destined for great things. I had looked upon that mountain in my youth, and said to myself, "I can climb it."

Others may have written it off as wishful thinking, but they haven't known the fire burning in my heart.

As I grew, the mountain grew with me. Eventually it became a monolith in my peripheral.

I had begun to operate at the base. I started to get comfortable there.

Though deep inside I never forgot what I was made for, I became convinced, by my own weakness, and the influence of others, that life down here was acceptable. I figured just "good enough" was ok.

I figured I would try to fit in.

Fit into the noise.

"But I long for silence!"

Fit into a puzzle that had no space for someone shaped like me.

I was faced with 2 options. Either let them cut me down to fit into their schemes, or figure out where I actually belong.

Unable to acquiesce, I rejected their notions, and was made an outcast.

Here I was, now alone, wandering on the fringes by myself. An outcast of society, I sought self-discovery, but I was misguided, and rather then looking up for the answers, I sought things below, and ended up deep underground.

When I descended the trash chute of selfishness, I saw what existed down there. I saw what operated the machine.

I was offered a place in the management of that factory - a deep, dark place - but I refused.

Having dug a pit too deep to get out of myself, I was in need of help. I started to shout, hoping someone would hear my plea, and then suddenly, like a shooting star in the night sky, I saw it - a rope lowered into the pit to lift me up.

I had hope.

Covered in soot, I began to recount what I had gone through and where I had been.

I went to tell others from the town, but they were too busy. Most if them were - they were too bust working themselves to death, while ignoring their purpose. Didn't they ever bother to find out who was actually in charge of the town, or what their city was built on?

I knew. I had been underground.

Having seen everything I that I saw, I began to look around, and though blurry at first, the mountain returned to my field of vision. I remembered something which I had forgotten long ago, a dream which I had buried for fear of exposition.

Deep inside my being, deeper than the dark places I went to, lived a spark. And nothing could smother that spark.

Looking to the mountain, I remembered my call. I was both intimidated and encouraged at the same time. I looked back up at the thing I knew I was meant to overcome for my whole life.

I longed to reavh the top, and then one day it struck me like a bolt of lightning. As I gazed upon the mountain, the peak illuminated. As with binoculars or a telescope, I saw the pinnacle, clear as day. I also saw how difficult the journey would be, but I knew I would make it, if I only tried.

No shadow of doubt was left within my soul.

I started to share my thoughts and theories with those of the town. I told them what happened to me. I told them I believed I could climb the mountain. However, they lit their fires against me and sending me away, cast their clouds of doubt into the atmosphere.

Again I became an outcast, but this time I had purpose. I began to train. I began to keep to myself. I only shared my dreams with those who I thought could understand. There were a few.

Their hearts burned with the same secret passion, and I knew they also wanted to make it to the top.

Resolved, I made my rounds. I did what I could to lift the eyes of others to the imposing glory. Some were awakened. Some turned away. Some continue with their eyes closed, but show promise of a future enlightenment. I hope with all my heart that everyone is raised to the light one day.

I knew what time had now befallen me. Having done everything I could, I made my way to the foot. I took only what was necessary, and said goodbye to many. I knew I would see some at the top. I knew others would see me and be inspired. Still others would remain in disbelief.

Perhaps they would look upon from the town below.

Everything else aside, I knew I must put my head forward focus on that which is in front of me - the climb.

Ready to begin anew, I set off.

I had heard of a secret path that could get you to the top faster than any other route.

My mother told me about it when I was little...

I'm confident that now, I'm on that path.

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