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What did PG and the Wise Men have in common?

They were filled with wonder at the sight of the incarnation.

Both the baby Jesus and the mountains tell of God's love for us, obviously one infinitely more than the other, but the moment that Jesus broke the womb, every material thing on the Earth gained the ability to lift us to God if we only look with a sense of wonder, adoration, and authentic love.

The Wise Men were kings. They were those people that Satan offered to make Jesus like - rulers of great nations with all material wealth under their fingers, and yet, on that first Christmas, they laid down their offerings to one that they knew was greater than them.

We can also do the same when we embark on our lives' journeys, both with the physical and spiritual mountains we climb. We must submit ourselves to the true pinnacle of all existence which is Christ, and only then can we realize our rightful place in humanity. Truly we may be rulers, truly we may be stewards and conquerors, and even more truly, Jesus remains Lord above all.

Put into context, this simple pinnacle statement can guide our lives to mountainous spiritual progress and growth.

Our sense of wonder leads us to follow a star. Our sense of wonder leads us to climb a mountain. Our sense of wonder brings us to heavens gates, which look like a child lying in mean estate. Grandiosity leads to simplicity, and simplicity to eternity.

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