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Ayyee mia familia!

Whattup Frassati familia?!

In these times I feel really grateful to have such a family in this group.

Though the world seems to be burning in a lot of areas (and in maybe some it literally is), this feels like a safe place I can come home to.

This group is a safe place where I can return to the true meaning life, understand the simple complexities of humanity, and dive deep into discovery, uncovering the mysteries of life contained within the natural world. For it is in Jesus, and only in Jesus that this world truly makes sense.

Out of love, this work of art was built, and we are the subjects of the work, also works of art in ourselves – each of us, no matter where we stand politically, socially, or physically.

The redemptive work of Jesus allows us to return to the state of grace from which we fell. Jesus is that only bridge, and it is in him, that all this adventure, all this relationship, all this expansion of the mind, body, and spirit, contains substance. We know (or maybe we do not know yet) what we are doing. We are seeking to live life to the fullest, according to what is good, pure, holy, and true, in order to experience a deeper fulfilling sense of unity, self-discovery, exploration, and satisfaction.

One of the most beautiful reflections I have as of late is on all the people the Lord has brought into my life. In my early college days, I had this idea of who I was, knew what types of people I hung out with, and had certain expectations for myself as far as what highs I would chase and what pleasures I would seek.

I'm happy today to say that those ideals have all pretty much vanished into thin air.

Throughout the painstaking process of purgation from the old life, which I often clawed at to hold a grasp on, I was slowly introduced to new people, new ways of life, and new things that would actually bring me satisfaction.

"Wait, you mean you're not just gonna betray me, and I don't have to protect myself from darts of humiliation at all times? And I don't have to look for opportunities to slight you as well??"

This was all new to me, meeting people that actually wanted to be with me, just to be with me. I'm still learning how to be myself at all times.

But, a few years later, my relationships and life have evolved into a deep well of richness that I would not trade for the world. As St. Thomas Aquinas says,

"There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship."

In trading the world for Jesus (or at least agreeing to in the uttermost depth of my heart), I have accepted a new community of blessing – the Body of Christ. I truly am able to see now that my family, that my community is all I need. That I do not need to seek elsewhere to find the love I seek, but to enter deeper into communion with those who the Lord has brought into my life, learning about them, committing for the long-haul, knowing that we will know each other for all eternity.

There's a bunch of gold buried 1000 feet underground. One man commits to digging a few holes and goes very deep. Another man digs 100 holes, but they are only a quarter as deep as the other man. Both of the men eventually come to rest at the end of their lives. Who got closer to the gold in the end?

The same is true with friends. It is better to grow close with your intentional community than to allow something like Instagram or Facebook become your primary sense of community or relationship. Though these tools provide benefit and usefulness, there is a depth that cannot be reached by simply liking ones photo or post, or receiving the same.

Buried within each person is a wealth of gold, and over time you can uncover the beauty there, if you cannot see it to begin with, and oh what a joy when you know you are getting close!

This is what this community in the Body of Christ has provided for me. I have an entirely new spread of great friends! Some just starting, and some that have been growing for sometime, but the blessing here is that I know these are the people I hope to spend my eternity with, and so therefore there is no need for the fear of abandonment, or me myself abandoning anyone.

Not only that, but it is in these new relationships that I feel the love. I finally have friends that take care of me, and who I (often times failing) try to take care of. The love I feel is that of God, and the joy of the communion in heaven he has prefigured for us through the incarnation of His son.

Therefore, I encourage you, hang out with these people you meet here, and BE NOT AFRAID to invite others from all over into this community. We have to share the goodness, we should want to! The goodness never runs out, and actually compounds when more uniquely gifted and talented human beings are brought into this community and Body of Christ. I also encourage you to talk to one another about real and deep topics – just skip right there, no need for small talk! Once you get over the hump of potential awkwardness (we've all gone through it), the real stuff starts to sink it. You are your brother's (and sister's!) keeper!

Let these relationships go deep. I can truly call you all my family, and say I love you all. I used to not be able to say I love you to almost anyone, and now I can with confidence, knowing that the love I have is that of Christ, and is from Him.

Praised be God for all you peeps, and look forward to hanging out soon! Peace!

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