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Crown Him with Many Crowns

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to see Jesus in person? To see actually a glowing Halo around the King?

What would you say? What would you bring Him?

I think that we're all called to fashion Him a Crown. I believe that the vine of the fruit we bear in life, is the material with which we weave Him the perfect crown.

Many crowns means Lordship over many things. In fact, in this case, it since, He is King over everything, there is an unlimited amount of crowns that we can crown Him with. We can crown Him with thanksgiving, we can crown Him with the vine of the fruits of our talents, which He gave to us to begin with.

As sons and daughters of He, Who is King, we actually wear the same crowns with Him. Most of the crowns He wears, he gives to us as well, if we are willing to accept them.

Sometimes the hardest one to accept can be the one made of thorns. I know it is for me, but in heaven, that crown shines with the most glory. Each thorn emits rays of glory in heaven. The crown of suffering holds all the other crowns together, and eventually, the rest of the glorious crowns cover the thorns so that they no longer penetrate or hurt, but they become the foundation which the glory is built off of.

I know that I have felt the pangs of the crown of suffering, but I also feel the crown of glory many times - and it is not one that comes from man. He wants us all to wear the crown of Glory, and being that He is the King of the Universe, he even enables us to wear these crowns right now – he enables us to shine as tenants and heralds, priests, prophets, and kings of the Kingdom of God, which dwells within our hearts while we are here on Earth.

Though we cannot fully share in the Glory of the King yet, until we come home to His Kingdom eternally, these glimpses of the Kingdom, and what it ought to be – inhabited with our fellow brothers and sisters of royalty, carry us through until the final crowing in the Kingdom to come.

We must not forget that we, as adopted sons and daughters of the King, and heralds of the true faith, can aid in the crowning of our brothers and sisters, by bringing them to the King.

Where does Christ actually dwell? Where can we bring new subjects - condemned to death - to receive mercy. --->

Where does the King sit on His throne?

Here's the answer to the last one.

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