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Rainy Day Thoughts

Recently I have been in the pattern of only looking forward to days where the weather is nice.

But why?

Rainy days have something beautiful to offer to. What a glorious and good God we have!

I sprawl out on the carpet and imagine my presence near Him. I hug God, and he does not push me away. He is not disgusted by my shortcomings and downfalls. He embraces me back - looking beyond my sin.

Why do we avoid that which is sorrowful? Within it there is feeling - feeling He Himself and His Mother endured. They felt that - we should feel it too.

Jazz music dances in my ears as I think about how good God is. He loved me. He loves me. I love Him.

A friend sent me an email of some wonderful high school students at Martin Saints enjoying the creation on their "Frassati Friday". I rejoice with them. I live in the creation He made for us. I want to experience every part - knowing that He redeemed this for me.

From here, it is only up. We need not worry about anything. So I throw my worry in the trash. I replace the gap with gratitude - gratitude that though I am broken and sinful, I am set free today. I am not bound by my past hurts and pains. I feel the love of God through them.

That is where the joy lies - within my heart. Joy isn't always external. Joy happens when the heart smiles - it doesn't need to always be expressed outwardly in the body or on our faces, but it always remains in the eyes, which are the windows to the soul.

Freed I am. Freed I will always be, as long as I remain in Him, who paid the price for my sins.

No longer bound, I trust that slowly, He will complete in me what He started.

What a friend we have in Jesus 😌.

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