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Who put that rock there?!

Oh how I love nature & the outdoors!

The luminance of the sun, shining through the trees, the vibrant greens & yellows, popping as though they themselves are a source of light.

They glow, because all created things are indeed a source of light, for the divine master has imparted his footprint in this work of art we call the Earth.

Oh, the fall smells. I take it all in. Crisp, yet refreshing, I rejoice at the flavor it brings to my nostrils.

Happiness cannot be taken away when I'm out here.

And oh, the silence. How I long for the silence, to hear what You hear, to understand what You know.

Make me then, likened unto you, so that I may blend in seamlessly, integrated as part of this body which I call my home planet.

But let me not forget. Let me always remember, that this is just an image of the Glory to come. The man, Himself, has brought this beauty here, in order to bring us home to the true kingdom, of which the Earth is only a shadow.

Nevertheless, I long to live life to the fullest, to expand infinitely into the light, and to bring the joy which I have received to all while I am here.

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1 comentário

Jack Ziegler
Jack Ziegler
12 de out. de 2020

This is awesome! There's really nothing better than encountering the creator in his creation

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